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Keep Diving

Are you an amateur? Are you a professional? Are you a passionate diver?

Base Diving Centre Ltd is the place to be during your holiday in the North of Mauritius, Coastal Road Pereybere. Explore the underwater world, the ocean - from historic shipwrecks and fragile reefs to the mysteries of the local quarry.

Base Diving Center Ltd :

Situated in the north of Mauritius, Coastal Road, Pereybere, Base Diving Centre Ltd delivers courses with high standard for training and certification of all divers up to instructor level. Our dives are guided by professional divers and we promise to give you the best service.

Our Vision and Mission

Keeping customers satisfied and earning the continued loyalty of our divers is essential to our success. We will strive to achieve our commitment to preserving the aquatic environment for future growth.

Our People

Barlen Veerasamy, owner of Base Diving Centre, holds many years of experience in this field. Along with his professional team, Barlen is ready to share his unique technique and passion with you as a PADI course director. He ensures you that his diving centre is one of the best diving centres on the Island.

Other Services… :

• We do training from Open water to Instructor Level

• We provide the Emergency First Respond (EFR) course

• We ensure safe Night Diving and Shark Diving

• We organise diving trips along Islands of Mauritius

We promise you…

An integral sport with 100% excitement within an aquatic environment

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